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Exensys offers Web based enterprise products based on specific verticals. We have grown rapidly as a leading enterprise solution provider supporting organizations with strategic solutions that offer flexible usage and deployment for respective verticals such as eXensys Industry Trading Solution, eXensys Futura Industry Retail Solution, eXensys Industry Manufacturing Solution, eXensys Industry Automotive Solution and eXensys Public Sector Solution, and for general eXensys Business Suite Solution. Strategic Business Products includes eXensys Business Intelligence (eXBIS), eXensys Customer Relationship Management (CRM), eXensys Supply Chain Management (SCM), eXensys Document Management System (DMS) and eXensys Human Capital Management (HCM).


In order to bring the core business functions and the governing business rules and policies on a common platform, the functionality of eXensys product is enriched to include eXensys Developer Suite which includes Integration Workbench, Application Workbench, X-Migrate and Report Designer. Exensys is focused on providing the best quality solutions to customers across the global landscape. To achieve this it relies on the combined efforts, deep experience and domain competence of all its employees, customers and channel partners.

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